Viber for Android

"Viber for Android: the version of the messaging application more discharged between all operating systems for Smartphone."

Viber for Android is an instant messaging application and voice calls, that rivals other apps messaging and chat as; Line Naver of Japanese origin, WeChat application China, revelation in the Asian countries and in phase of expansion by the European and American markets, and the famous WhatsApp app dominating the sector and leader in the lists of downloads, in dozens of countries around the world.

Viber has exceeded the figure of 300 million registered users, who use the application to be in contact with friends and family around the world. A version for Android is the most used in conjunction with Viber for iPad and Viber for iPhone, which uses the version designed for the IOS system that governs these devices.

Viber for Android

We can now download Viber for Android version on devices with Android operating system version 2.2 or higher.

Download Viber for iPad or Viber for Android

Viber Download for Android is very quick and easy. We have only to go to the page of Google Play and search by your name. Once you have located the app, we can download Viber for Android in a few seconds. With a single click will install the application. Then we will select our country and the mobile number to complete the registration. We accept the sending of SMS to verify the activation of Viber. The SMS that we receive contains a code that we need to introduce at the beginning of the messaging app. With these simple steps Viber for Android already will be activated and ready for use.

When you start the application we can perform some tasks, via the main menu such as:

  • Get a list of all contacts that have installed Viber

  • Make voice calls

  • Send text messages, pictures and videos

  • Review the log of calls made and registration of the missed calls

Viber has many other functions and in the latest versions have corrected minor mistakes, to improve the user experience.