Apple Macintosh celebrates its 30th anniversary

"Macintosh computers revolution still alive thirty years later."

For all the users we have had the opportunity to start in the world of computers already a few decades ago is nice to remember the importance of products and releases from Apple. Macintosh is the most innovative computer we saw born 30 years ago, even for lovers of the PC. For young people who meet their Smartphone Apple iPhone, iPad tablets or computers iMac or Macbook, this article is required reading.

30 anniversary MAC

The truth is that it is important to look back to assess the significance of the gadgets that we enjoy today. Currently we know Apple-branded by the magnificent iPhone or the iPad, but the Apple revolution in the world of computers goes back 30 years ago. The mark of the apple marks the launch of its Macintosh computer with a cover page in your web page and a video to celebrate and to revisit the launches and Apple innovations in these years. A nice tour of the more recent history of Apple. Macintosh turns 30 years old and gives us this beautiful commemorative video of Apple where we can listen to famous characters that speak to us about the brand and their innovations.

Macintosh Apple 30 years

The Macintosh computers from Apple launched the first graphical user interfaces. Macintosh became very popular thanks to its innovative operating system with Windows. The iMac with a large graphical evolution and functionality, you are still using the graphical windows and mouse, the practical device of the history, to manage our computers until the appearance of the touchscreens. More than 30 years ago already had Xerox PC with graphical interfaces, but Apple is the brand that knew promote and sell the product with a brand image innovative. The Apple brand is associated with design, quality, exclusivity and glamour.

Macintosh graphic interface Xerox Alto and iMac


Apple launched the first computers with graphic interfaces for thousands of users. First was the Apple Lisa and then came the Macintosh.

Years later and following the path of the Macintosh, Microsoft launched its operating system with a graphical interface. It was the famous Microsoft Windows system. Managed Windows expand throughout the world. Windows was installed on millions of computers thanks to its compatibility with many products and brands developers, in addition to the agreements with large companies to equip their computers with your system.

Apple seemed condemned to the disappearance, their most expensive computers and not compatible with the PC were replaced by Windows systems. Apple retained for many years, approximately 5% of market share. But he never renounced his initial idea, give value to your product and brand, with teams with exclusive designs and easy to use. Steve Jobs believed fully in Apple and on his return to the company launched the iMac. The innovative iMac computers with a spectacular design, have become computers all in one, while retaining the essence of the Apple computer easy to use.

Apple has been able to adapt to technological changes with revolutionary designs, very attractive computers, and new devices. Always with a brand image very exclusive and lovingly, with high-end devices that reported large margins of beneficial in their sales.

The mark on the apple has launched new innovative products like the iPhone, the iPod become mobile phone, what we know today as Smartphone and copied by all its rivals. The iPad the new revolution of the tablets and their services iCloud to keep their devices connected to each other. In addition to launching unique applications for your iPhone and iPad through its online store, Apple Store. With these brilliant releases Apple has gained market share in several sectors and their iMac are the most coveted.

Macintosh commemorative video of Apple

The web published by Apple commemorative covers the history of the technologies that have been incorporated into the computers. Important characters as John Knoll, which Photoshop development only for Macintosh are a sample with your testimony.