"New iPad Air and iPad mini. He knows all the secrets of the new iPad and the main features of the tablets of the mark of the apple"

The iPad Air tablet is the most desired by the Mac user. Many lovers of the devices of the mark on the apple, already have your iPAD Air.

Ipad Air lighter and more powerful with the chip A7

The iPad Air is lighter and thinner than its predecessor. It is more powerful. In this new iPad have managed to reduce the volume significantly. All their component has been reduced in size to achieve an iPad really thin.

chip A7 ipad Air

One of the main news is the powerful processor A7. Since its appearance throughout the competition has begun to sue more powerful chips for their devices. The new chip A7 has been designed to carry far beyond the design of new apps. The operating system iOS7 is responsible for maximizing the performance of the new iPad.

A new design more fine and at the same time, the most robust make the new iPad a object of desire. The iPad Air is more accurate and efficient than the previous model.

The autonomy of the new iPad reaches up to 10 hours. Even with the new A7 chip 64-bit. The A7 is accompanied by the M7 that is responsible for tasks such as check gyro and accelerometer.

New screen of retina for the iPad Air

The screen of retina is simply spectacular. Retains the same size. What if I have reduced is the framework of the screen. It is very difficult to explain in words the quality of the new screen of retina. Only turn on the device we can already see its great quality. The resolution that offers is extraordinary.

One of the features of this screen, is that the software is capable of knowing, if our finger presses the display to hold it or on the contrary the presses to select something.

The screen is 9.7 inches and resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 . With this screen you can appreciate up to the last detail of your photos.

WiFi twice as fast with MIMO technology

The 802.11n wifi connection means that we can browse and download content with a fluidity never view a device of this type.

This new iPad ready to maximize the performance of the new generation of apps. In addition comes equipped with a camera Facetime HD allowing us to make video calls high-quality.

The 5 megapixel digital camera enables us to capture high quality photos and videos FULL HD. And the double microphone is to we allow to realize calls with a quality of enviable sound.